Fully automated parking on various tiers with minimized waiting time

The Hyparker Max parking system provides great convenience to car drivers while utilizing available space most efficiently to ensure economic efficiency. In addition, it is a perfect solution to live the concept of green parking.

Hyparker Max’s outstanding flexibility becomes visible when designing the parking system to meet space requirements of the parking location. Multiple rows can be arranged one after the other, side by side or on top of each other and vehicles can be transported into a lateral or longitudinal direction - everything is possible with Hyparker Max.

Drivers don’t need to look for parking space; just park the car at the handover area. Our fully automated parking system will take care of the car and transport it to an empty parking space.

The parking system can be operated in different ways, either via touch screen, smart card, smartphone or RFID – the choice is yours. Innovative payment systems can easily be integrated, enabling a range of parking services. Based on local conditions, either steel constructions or concrete floors are used as framework.

  • Fully automated parking system
  • Variable pallet dimensions
  • Modular concept to adapt to space requirements
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Convenient as vehicles are position in driving directions, using turntables
  • Space saving parking concept
  • Minimized driver’s waiting time to retrieve a car compared with other fully automated parking systems
  • Easy-to-operate and convenient
  • Secure against vandalism and theft