Fully automated parking on up to 4 tiers

The Squareparker (an automated parking system) is an ideal solution to automatically store vehicles on up to 4 tiers. Cars will be parked and sorted by the principle of horizontal puzzles. Without driving lanes, stairs and ramps, the available parking space can be more effectively utilized reducing the costs by space ratio. Beyond the economic benefits, this parking system provides a high level of security (theft and accidental damage minimized) and has a positive impact on protecting the environment (reduced carbon footprint, fuel savings).

  • Fully automated parking system
  • Modular concept to adapt to space requirements
  • Variable pallet dimensions: width between 215 cm and 250 cm, length between 500 cm and 550 cm
  • Platform capacity of up to 2.5 t
  • Space saving
  • Secure against vandalism and theft
  • Easy-to-use